Stadttheater Aschaffenburg: Veranstaltungsreihen Gitarrentage

International Competition for Chamber Music with Guitar


In 2021 the City of Aschaffenburg will host the 6th International Competition for Chamber Music with Guitar within the 42nd Aschaffenburger Gitarrentage. The competition is open for musicians of all ages and nationalities. Guitar ensembles and chamber music ensembles with at least one guitar and at most four members are admitted to the competition. They have to be ensembles primarily devoted to the performance of classical music.

Venue: Concert hall of Staedtische Musikschule, Kochstrasse 8 D-63739 Aschaffenburg 

Entry deadline: A new date will be announced
Final concert: A new date will be announced

Due to Covid-19 we have to modify the competition. The participants are asked to send in a video. There will be no personal invitation. The jury will hold a meeting to view all videos and announce the finalists. The final round then will take place at the concert hall of the Staedtische Musikschule Aschaffenburg.

The finalists will be invited in person to play the concert live.



  • 1. Prize: 5.000 EUR + shopping voucher Gaertner-music
  • 2. Prize: 3.000 EUR + shopping voucher Gaertner-music
  • 3. Prize: 1.000 EUR + shopping voucher Gaertner-music
  • Prize for best original transcription: 350 EUR (sponsored by Kaltchev Guitar Duo)
  • Audience award: Concert at the Aschaffenburger Gitarrentage 2022, paid with 1.000 EUR net. 


Jury Members
A jury of five experts chosen from internationally renowned music academies will judge the competition. The jury will consist of:

Prof. Andra Darzins (Australia/Germany), department bowed instruments 

Stefan Claas (Germany), department classical voice 

Peter Herteux (Deutschland), department wind instruments 

Prof. Marco Tamayo (Cuba/Austria), guitar department 

Ivo Kaltchev (Bulgaria/Germany), guitar department  

Special Rule with Regards to Contestants and Jurors
If there is a family relationship between a participating ensemble member and a juror; or if the contestant has been a student of a juror for the last two years, the jury must be informed. In that case the juror loses his or her voting right for the ensemble concerned.

After the first as well as after the second round, the jury will announce the contestants who have qualified to continue into the next round. The jury’s vote is expressed as an average mark for the ensemble in a particular round. Each jury member awards ensemble points between 1 and 100 per round, whereby 1 is the worst and 100 is the best mark.

Competition Procedures

The program must contain at least one piece by Johann Sebastian Bach and one own transcription.
To apply for the prize for best original transcription all own transcriptions of the preliminary round and/or the final can be handed in.

Preliminary round
- Duration of program: 20 to maximum 25 minutes
- Program of the preliminary round must contain one piece by J.S. Bach.
- Program will be handed in as video recording* and judged by the jury during a selection meeting.
- The finalists will be informed in written form.
- The ensembles’ names that are qualified will be published on www.aschaffenburger-gitarrentage.de and facebook.
- The submitted video for the preliminary round will be online (on Youtube channel of the town Aschaffenburg and www.aschaffenburger-gitarrentage.de) and public viewable.

Final round
- Duration of program: 30 to maximum 35 minutes
- The program of the final round must contain one own original transcription.
- Works or movements that were in the program of the preliminary round may not be repeated.
- For the final round a maximum of three ensembles will be competing, in an exceptional case the jury will allow four ensembles.
- The final concert will be held in the concert hall at the music school Aschaffenburg.
- The final round is open to public audience.
- The award ceremony will take place right after the final round.

Winners 2018

Eminent Duo

Venti Chiavi Guitar Trio

Ensemble Reynold

Winners of the 5th International Competition for Chamber Music with Guitar in 2018:

  • 1. Prize: Eminent Duo (Slovenia/Germany)
  • 2. Prize: Venti Chiavi Guitar Trio (Hungary)
  • 3. Prize: Ensemble Reynold (France/Switzerland)
  • Audience award: Ensemble Reynold
  • Prize for best original transcription: Venti Chiavi Guitar Trio